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Arrow Securing your Business

When looking to protect your business from the worst case scenario you need a company that can provide security for all your business needs. Our aim is to inform you how to prevent and manage fire; how to deter unwanted guests and how to detect criminal activity.

Our free risk assessment of your premises supplies you with what is required for optimum safety.

Intruder Alarm Services

Keeping intruders out

We are approved specialist of intruder alarms systems. We offer standard alarms, wireless alarms and fully monitored system with Police response and we can offer a custom fit system to suit your business needs and budgets.

We are:

  • ECA Registered Member
  • Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board Member
  • All systems installed to the highest standards
  • Custom built alarm systems available
  • Domestic and commercial service

Products we offer

Access control Door and Gate Entry CCTV video surveillance Burglar Alarms, Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring & Maintenance

CCTV needs to be regular maintained to ensure your systems remains reliable and potential problems to be identified early on.  At installation Arrow can offer a planned maintenance programme which incorporates the new legislative at very reasonable prices when paid per month.

Ask us about our CCTV maintenance programme.

Fire Alarms & Heat Detectors

The effects of fire on a business or residential property is devastating but by installing an early warning smoke and heat detectors, it can put simply, save lives.

We supply and fit fire detection systems in schools, warehouses, residental care homes, petrol stations and many businesses. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is fire detection is the same, so let’s get it right for you.

Equipment  Smoke & Heat detection equipment, lighting, Fire Extinguishers, Sprinklers,  Rapid Response  Service and maintenance

Arrow can supply Fire Alarms, Heat Detectors, Smoke detectors

Door Access

Daily life revolves around opening and closing doors, you just can’t get around it. The unending problem of doors being left open and not being locked is never going to go away until you introduce the Door Access system.  Proved to be an invaluable tool for sensitive places of work like secured units and sheltered accommodation, Councils and Jewellers to name but a few. Being able to see and talk to a visitor before allowing them entry without going to the door makes good security sense.

Video and audio door access systems monitor every visitors to your business. Being able to see and talk to a visitor in real time before allowing entry to your property is invaluable.

We install all Types of Entry Access Control Products for small and large organisations:

  • Audio Door Entry Systems
  • Video Door Entry Systems
  • Biometric Entry Systems
  • Electronic Keypad Systems
  • Automatic Swinging Doors
  • Cantilever Sliding Gates
  • Electronic Gates


Keeping a watchful eye in and outside your property

The value of having CCTV when something is stolen from your business is priceless.  CCTV has changed dramatically over the years with high definition recording coupled with intuitive software. Gone are the days when you needed to change tapes daily and review reams of footage.  New systems take all this trouble away and HD and Infra-red night vision has proven a great advantage when tackling theft.

We install CCTV systems for business, industrial units, schools and residential care homes in and around North Wales and Cheshire. We have many products to suit your property from simple High Definition CCTV eye to complex property networks. It’s not one systems suits all here at Arrow, a consultation will provide you with a variety of options to consider.

Our fire alarm systems incorporate automatic smoke & heat detection devices. They can be monitored remotely via a central control station who can notify the fire brigade on your behalf. Most business never recover from a fire, so rapid reaction is vital. Says Mark Scarratt, Arrow Director.

We promise…

  • Professional service
  • ECA Registered Member
  • Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board Member
  • Custom built alarm systems

SMART Technologies

SMART technologies integration to you phone or tablet is a very exciting development for us. It means remote access for you in real time. It works fantastically for out of hour’s warehouses as an example. No more responding to early hour alarms calls on your phone as with this technology you can log in view and control the CCTV at a touch of the key pad.


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