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Protecting People from Fire & Theft

When looking to protect your business from the worst case scenario you need a company that can provide security for all your business needs.

Our aim is to help you to prevent and manage fire; how to deter unwanted guests and how to detect criminal activity. Call 0800 0467 999 today not 999 tomorrow.

0800 0467 999

  • Maveric Motorcycles new installation of HD CCTV is producing incredibly sharp clear images. A good example of affordable security.

  • Fire Extinguishers upgrade for the Springfield Hotel; keeping guests safe.

Secure your business from intruders; protect your people from fire.

We install high performing commercial and residential Security Systems that protect your business and buildings from the devastation of fire and theft.

Over the last 25 years we have installed fire equipment and security systems across North Wales at multiple locations such as office buildings, schools, warehouses, shops, factories and hotels. It’s important we kept abreast of the technical advancement in security systems and offer bio-metrics and RFID key fob technologies.

How thieves gain access & how fire gets out of hand
How thieves gain access & how fire gets out of hand

See how CCTV could work at your business with our free try before you buy service


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